DIET Rae Bareli

Rae Bareli

District Institute of Education and Training, Raebareli

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District Institute of Education and Training, Raebarlei is situated on Lucknow Allahbad highway, 81 kms from Lucknow and 121 kms from Allahabad opposite central school ( Primary section ) near Doorbhashnagar.The foundation stone of the institute was laid on 3 rd October 1991 by the education Minister of that time,Mr. Raj Nath Singh. Education opens up the path of personal growth and life oppurtunities.It is a culture and a life long process of an individual and literacy is that science of civilization which develops the instinct to discriminate between right and wrong. Man is a social animal,so eventually it is expected from him to act in accordance with the systems of the society ,have a deep sense of responsibility and be imbued with the independent spirit as builders of peaceful state and society.

Education in Rae Bareli